The Cheaters Edition…

So, I was relaxing at home one evening… and watching a bit of TV (I know.. crazy right, how on Earth I get time to watch a bit of TV is beyond me!) but there I was, watching a bit of TV and an advert came on for Monopoly.. The Cheaters Edition!!

We’ve all been there…. at family get-togethers, Christmas, Events, etc…

… and there’s always one, (or two) who cheat! – So this, in my opinion, is a great idea!!! – The Cheaters Edition!

I’m so going to buy this!

But it really got me thinking – I remember, when I was a kid, there was one version of Monopoly.

Today, there’s a few…

And then.. there’s Digital versions – that’s right, you can download a version onto your phone/tablet. You can play it on the computer – you can play against friends… there’s so many options!

Then… there’s the collaboration with McDonalds!

Shows the diversity of the original game.

And that’s only a great thing.

This is exactly what should be happening. Looking at variation to appeal to new customers, crowds and consumers.

Looking at how to engage with different ages. Looking at how to attract more customers. Looking at how to grow the brand – moving it into digital.

If you own a business or work in a company, how are you ensuring you keep growing and keep attracting customers?

By the way… I wasn’t one of the ‘cheaters’ at the traditional Christmas Monopoly game in the Bansal household… honest. 🙂

Weather Technology…

Who remembers when the weather was simple, and straight to the point? – you know what I mean… Michael Fish on the BBC using those magnetic symbols…

What a throwback! – love the shirt!!

You know where I’m going to go with this… that’s right, why haven’t I got a shirt like that!!

Ok… the magnetic symbols were replaced by TV screens. Why? – because it was easier, quicker and less work for Michael to do.

That’s right – the Screen Technology helped to quickly move around different regions of the country – zoom in and be more specific about weather. Remember the remote control they used to hold – where they’d press the button to move the screen to the next one! – fabulous times….

What technology did… and does today, is improve the process.

The process is – the weather person to share with us what the weather is going to be like. Is it going to rain. Will it be warm. How windy will it be…. etc…  Technology helps the whole process and experience.

With advancements in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality – combine the two and we now have ‘Mixed Reality’ – there’s so much more you can do.

You can immerse yourself in the weather! – well… we’re getting there.

One weather channel used technology to share what the weather will be like.. but not only what it’d be like, but show what will be happening. In this case, it’s a hurricane. Lots of rain. Lots of wind.

Now we can imagine what it’d be like. But showing it – well, that’s a whole new experience.

Rather than me talking about here… here’s the weather video…

Remember… it’s about the process…. AND the Experience – make it memorable.

Review of Apple’s Event… and the New iPhones

Yesterday… Apple had their Event. Their main conference.

Some brilliant new items were announced, along with the new operating system… iOS12. Did you follow it? – Have you watched it all? – if not… don’t worry, I’ll summarise it here for you.

1. New iWatch

That’s right – there’s a new iWatch.

Packed with many new features – like it detects when you fall over, and has much more going on the watch face – but the one feature that really stands out is that it’s got the ability to carry out an ECG! Detecting low and high heart rates, shows Apple is leading the way with wrist worn health care technology.

2. New iPhone XS

Let’s be honest, the iPhone X has been a major success. It’s features (face recognition and much more) has been well recieved by customers. And now… well, there’s been an upgrade! You can now have the iPhone XS.

In fact, you can have an XS or an XS Max! The Max has a bigger screen… bigger screen than what you’d look at on an iPhone 8 Plus!

We were expecting it… and oh boy, doesn’t it look impressive!!

And it’s packed with some brilliant features…

One of the main features which i’m personally looking forward to is the Dual Sim!- that’s right… the iPhones will be able to accommodate 2 sims!!

3. …and one more thing.

The iPhone XR!

That’s right… a ‘lesser version’ of the X. It’ll be available in several colours… and therefore, here’s the full iPhone line up…

iOS12 will also have some great features…grouping messages and notifications on the home screen…. and much more. So much, I’ll have to test it out, and share it with you in an up and coming blog post.

One thing I did like about the Apple Event, was that they announced it on Twitter… and if you ‘liked’ it… then they notified you when it started. Ensuring no-one missed it. Brilliant marketing. But then… wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s all about having the ability to Think Differently.

WiFi Enabled Door…

Recently I was sent a brilliant video – of a chap who had some issues with his smart, voice enabled, home.

In case you haven’t seen it – here it is…

Now, the funny thing is – we’re heading in that direction.

Most of us have the Amazon Alexa in our homes, or the Google Home. Both of which carry out commands when we talk to them – and if you don’t have either of them, then I think it’s time you looked at investing in one.

More and more items are becoming ‘connected’ and more and more, we’ll be doing by just talking. Because it’s the easiest thing to do.

To tell someone… or in this case, something… to do something… it easy. Why have to lift the arm, raise the finger and exert that pressure to turn the light off switch off.

Yes – we are becoming more lazy – but you can’t blame it all on technology.

The part of the video that is brilliant, is when he’s trying to get into his house. The voice command doesn’t understand him.

So the door must be connected to the WiFi – and voice controlled. I know I’m beginning to analyse this – but the door should have some feature to open it via an app.

Now this has got me thinking – why aren’t our doors and windows wifi-enabled? When can we have the Next Generation of doors?

Why would you want to have a wifi enabled door? – why not just the lock?

Great point – and yes! – there are wifi (& bluetooth) enabled smart locks you can purchase to attach onto your front door. However there are limitations on what type of doors they’ll work on – maybe I’ll share more on my ‘What Tech items to buy for Christmas’ blog.

But you can see where all this is going… not only plugged in devices –  will be connected to your wifi… but doors, windows (anything… you can power via a battery)…. the possibilities are endless.

Throwback Thursday… with Nina Wadia

I wasn’t able to do a Thursday Throwback in August, because I was too busy throwing back myself in my white inflatable unicorn.

However, normal service resumes… and this month (September… doesn’t time fly!!), it’s a Throwback Thursday with Nina Wadia!

Now, I met Nina a few years ago, and we had a great catch up. We talked about her time on East Enders…. the films she’s appeared in, dramas on BBC…. and numerous other stage and radio performances.

The interesting thing that Nina shared was the number of different shows she’s been in… Usually, opportunities like these don’t come easy. But you can tell, that Nina has gone out looking for the opportunities. Creating them where they did not exist, and then being able to excel.

Personally, I thought she was fantastic in EastEnders… and how she played her character was phenomenal.

So what’s the secret?

“Enjoy the work you do!”

It’s as simple as that…. Enjoy. From the original days of Goodness Gracious Me, where the four of them used to have a great laugh… and how that show excelled.

Just spending those few hours with Nina, it was clear to notice how we both were smiling and laughing.

But also the charities and causes that Nina helps out with. Which is important for her.

“Being able to give and support those who don’t have the same privileges as us is important.”

So true. I help a charity called Khalsa Aid, who go around the world helping people, irrespective of their faith or background.

I think the more we’re able to help… the better this world would be.

For me… Nina is a bit of an inspiration. Because of the amount of stage, TV and Film work she’s done. The charities she supports and gives her time to.

I think, we all can learn something from Nina…

(By the way, here’s just a small selection of the work she’s done…. EastEnders, GoodnessGracious Me, 2Point4Children, Holby City, The Vicar of Dibley, Thin Ice, Citizen Khan, Doctors, Loose Women,  Still Open All Hours, Doctor Who and many many more…..)


The Trillion Dollar Company Club

You must have heard, how recently Apple become a ‘trillion dollar’ company.

Yesterday, Amazon did the same. That’s right, they joined the ‘Trillion Dollar Company Club’. Not bad for a 24 year old company.

When they went public in 1997, their share price was $18. Tuesday, the share price hit $2,050. Valuing the company, just over $1 Trillion.

Wonder if Jeff would’ve ever thought, Amazon would be the second company to enter the ‘Trillion Dollar Company Club’ when he sat in his office, with a hand painted sign on the wall… selling books on-line.

It’s a brilliant success story.

Only 2 companies have achieved this phenomenal success. Only 2 companies in that club. But I’m certain, over the next few years, we’ll see more enter the club.

It comes down to a few reasons why Amazon and Apple have achieved such success – Innovation.

The ability to keep adapting.

The ability to keep growing.

The ability to keep thinking, trying and venturing into new areas.

To keep going… Business as Usual (BAU) – won’t get you into the Trillion Dollar Club. In fact, it probably won’t get you into any club.

But that’s the problem – you have to invest. You have to grow. You have to think differently.

So, Jeff… is one of the richest people in the world… but what’s the real secret? A few years ago, Jeff shared…

Customer first – we all know that.

Invent, Innovate… yep, got that.

Be Patient. Ah…. that’s something we don’t have these days. We don’t have the patience to let things grow, to understand and see how they turn out.

To keep trying… it’s easier to say – park it/bin it/stop it… if it isn’t working.

How much patience have you got to keep going? to keep learning, re-adjusting and figuring it out?

We could relate this to football. How managers of teams are sacked very quickly, if there’s a number of losses and the team performs very badly.

I remember when Alex Ferguson (the Manchester United boss) had a string of bad results and had one match to save his position. Funnily enough… he won that match and went on to be one of the most successful managers, in English Football, of all time.

I know this very well… because it was against Nottingham Forest.