Chief Innovation Officers Summit – London, Nov 2017

Folks, just to let you know – i’ll be a speaker at the up and coming Chief Innovation Officers Summit in London, this week!

There’s some great folks talking – including Google, BBC, Barclays and many more…

So, what will I be sharing…?

Well, as i’m writing my first book, and going through a few iterations (hoping for an Easter 2018) release, I thought… why not take the title of my second book (I know… I need to get the first one out), and base a conversation on that.

The title is – Are you Interrupting or Disrupting?

Now, wish I could share more – but that’s being saved for those who attend the conference. However, I will share some elements of the presentation with the followers of this blog, very soon…

… but it’s all about, how we, over time… trying to disrupt, become interrupters. We’re not really making it easy for our customer, through the various ‘bolt on’s’ but we’re in fact, making it a little more harder.  A little more complex. And therefore, why is it important to… (in the words of my Sensei) – understand, then to be understood.