Digital Table Football


Recently at the ISE in Amsterdam, I came across this…


It’s a Table Football. With a TV screen. And some electrics attached to the handles.

Being the amazing Table Footballer that I am, I decided to have a go.

Oh boy.. it was slow, i turned the handle, and it had no feeling.. there was a slight delay… not impressed.

But this got me thinking… okay, this could be the first one made. It could be a prototype. It could be that they sat down and thought, how can we make Table Football more interactive… Imagine playing Table Football with a friend on the other side of the world!

The question remains, will it be as good as the real thing? – the original? – where you can feel the players… the ball being hit against one of your players… tactically passing the ball around… for the moment, i’m not sure. A bit more development, and you never know….

It’s a bit like the early electric cars. They needed charging every 20 mins and Jeremy Clarkson made a big joke out of them on a Top Gear episode once upon a time. But he did say, hybrid would be more sensible – which they are, and we now have more hybrid options available to us, not just the Toyota Prius.

Then again.. you could argue, and mention Tesla. Everything gets better, with a bit of investment and development.