Do you follow your head…. or your heart?

Yesterday, I was talking to a colleague. He was telling me about his daily struggle. Or more, how the job he loves… sorry, that should’ve been loved, has become his daily struggle. To the point now, he doesn’t look forward to it.

It instantly reminded me of a scene from the short film – Inner Workings by Disney.

Inner Workings came out last year, but it was only recently I had the chance to watch it.

Best short film. Ever.

If you’ve not had the opportunity to watch it, you must! – available to watch on Sky Movies, iTunes, etc… (all good available digital outlets!).

It made me think…. we always say, how life is short, and how we should be sensible when it comes to certain things. You know what I mean, when eating food – leave off the sugar and take it easy on the carbs. Then there’s things we do… we often delay or do a ‘mental’ risk assessment and the outcome is usually… don’t do it otherwise something ‘may’ happen.

And to answer the question, do you follow your heart… or your head?

There’s many entrepreneurs who follow their heart. They’ll set up what they want. Do what they want. Not successful all the time, but have the will and desire to succeed.

Yes, there will be times when they follow their head – espeically when it comes to making certain business decisions. But early on, it’s very much about heart… I believe. You could call it risk taking… or just enjoying it and seeing what happens.

I’ve taken risks – calculated risks, in my career. Sometimes things work out… sometimes they don’t.

I remember speaking to a Vice President within the company once, and he said – you have to take risks to be successful. Calculate them, and take them. If you don’t, you’ll be too comfortable. And when you’re thrown out of your comfort zone, it’s more difficult to change. The circumstances around you will change, but can you change?

We’re living in a world of constant change.

But more importantly… we are living.

But are we living to the fullest?

What’s the worst that could happen?

You won’t know, unless you try…. Go and try something new, different… anything, that puts a smile on your face and gets your heart going – even if it’s in small tiny steps… and the only way you can do that, is by understanding your inner workings.

Here’s a clip/trailer to the short movie…