Google launch their new phone… Pixel 2

Yesterday, Google had a little event… where they announced a few things.

One of the announcements included the introduction of their new phone. The Google Pixel 2.

Now, whilst I could go through the whole event, share what was said and how it was described… go through all the functionality, etc… you should know by now.. this is a LEAN BLOG! – I like to keep things lean. So below is a video of the 2 hour event condensed into 19 minutes.

I’m going to be honest. I’m not that much into Google hardware – But welcome to my good friend Nathan McKay who is. He is very knowledgeable on all things ‘Google’ & Android.

I asked him, Share your Top 3 concerns about Google… (which he did!)

  1. They come at a bad time – Honestly, they do! Let’s look at it… Apple just recently had their’s, where they were able to ‘wow’ everyone with the lights, glitz and glamour.. oh, and their iPhone X. Then you’ve got Samsung’s event coming up early next year… and you know they’ll be sharing some really exciting features. So what do you do? – Do you go with Apple, where you know what you’re getting. Do you go with Google (by the way, they had supply issues with the first Pixel phone and were unable to meet demand) or do you wait for Samsung… and then make a choice?
  2. Google software on every device – They don’t hold anything back for themselves. They’re happy to release their software and make it available for every device. Samsung have better hardware, and they know they’ll get all the software available on their devices.
  3. They’re a Software Developer (following on from point 2) – The Pixel phone is built by HTC. They’re not a hardware manufacturer. They’re a great software developer. Let’s not even look at phones… look at Google Home. Amazon beat them to it, but introducing the Echo… and Google have been playing catch up since.

Well.. there you have it Ladies & Gentlemen. A very frank update from Mr McKay. Whilst saying the above, he also did mention… there are a few positives, one of which was – you’ll get the updates immediately on a Google Device!

In summary, It’s the Software that pushes the Hardware.