KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!

You must have heard of the acronym KISS being used in various ways… the one that I use and remember the most is Keep It Simple Silly!

I’ve spoken previously of how things should be really simple, easy and effective. And on this blog, I share how frustrated I can get when anything.. absolutely anything, prevents a process from being simple.

It could be people, it could be anything.. that makes processes more complicated than what they need to be. We should also be reviewing what is happening and how we can make it easier again. Admittedly, processes and ways of working can get complex over time because various people will input and add their ‘stamp’ or ‘mark’ to the process or procedure.

We’ve seen organisations helping others to make life easier….

One is Amazon, and their dash button. It is so easy, even a baby could use it! – It’s so simple, that a baby could use it! It’s so effective that the parents of the baby would be happy!

This week, I’ve decided to spend a few days by the coast. Whilst checking in, I noticed this…

Based on the same principles of the Amazon Dash… press the button and the taxi arrives at the hotel to pick you up. No need to pre-book, no need to talk to anyone, just press the button when you’re ready and the taxi is on it’s way. There are some restrictions – if there’s more than 4 passengers, give them a call… which is fair enough because you’ll probably need a bigger car.

Personally, I think, we need more of this!

Even the process of entering the hotel, providing my information (name, etc…), credit card (for payment), etc.. could be made a lot easier.

I was thinking, what about a self-check in station… similar to what they have in restaurants (McDonalds, etc…) where you can walk in, use a screen to order your food and patiently wait.

Ok, takes the personal feel out… but it’d be quicker and easier for those wanting to check in quickly. Or what about the hotel having an app – everything is done on the app – to the point where your phone could unlock the room!

The possibilities are endless…