Never give up…

Sorry I didn’t get to post earlier this week. I write a blog post on Linkedin (once a month – approx.!) and so I posted my monthly post on there this week and was a little side tracked with other projects.

Also, yesterday was my birthday, so was out with family.. yep, you’ve guessed it – Eating!

But, one thing I did want to share on this blog was the fight on the weekend.

Did you watch it? – the main boxing event, Joshua Vs Klitschko.

What a fight! – it was one of the best boxing matches i’ve seen in a long time. Two fighters, one with amazing experience and the other who is early in his career but has done so much already.

I’m not going to go through the fight, round by round. But there were a few things that stood out for me, and I could relate them to business & startups…

  1. Don’t fear established, experienced, etc… companies or organisations. If you are young, and you have your energy & youth, use that to your advantage. Learn, and keep learning. Whatever your startup has set out to do, and you believe it will work, keep doing it.
    1. Don’t get too confident if you get some quick wins – remember, you’re in for the long run. By all means celebrate, but keep focused
    2. Don’t give up – if you get knocked down, get up, re-focus on the goal ahead and keep going.
  2. Keep going – there were moments in the fight, I thought Joshua has had it. He can’t do any more, but then… what does he do? – that’s right, surprises us all… kept going, dug in deep… and kept carrying out his combination of punches (something his corner were telling him to do). That’s a learning for us in our startups/companies… keep going. Yes we’ll learn, yes there’ll be times we need to re-adjust, but the goal should be clear. The priority and purpose should be clear.

Well done to Mr. Joshua.

And Thank You, for helping us learn more about how we should be in business. Never give up, and even if we get knocked down, get back up and keep going.

Because, when we do succeed… it’s the best feeling ever.