Oh, look who’s on the TV

So, from the various social media sites i’m part of, you may have noticed I posted some photos… mainly of me, making an appearance on Sunday Morning Live, which comes on BBC 1.

Why was I on the show?

Well, to share my thoughts on the topic of, ‘Should we fly less?’

My answer was, No. In fact, we should be flying more… or at least, travelling more – and there’s a few reasons why.

  1. Time is Money – there are deals to be done, people to be met and decisions to be made… with so many opportunities available in other countries, we should be taking full advantage.. and one of the ways this can be done quickly, is to fly out there.
  2. Skype and Other Technology – Yes, it’s great to have video conferencing and speak to others via a screen, but you can’t beat the human interaction, the whole experience of being able to sit down with folk, and really understand their behaviours. And… those who’ve been on a Skype or Video call… you know how easy it is to get distracted.
  3. Tourism – There are so many fascinating places to visit around the world… and we should go, and visit them! Learn… educate our children, educate ourselves of the different cultures and the rich history. Also, we have lots of tourists coming to the UK…think of the money being spent in this country.
  4. Low Cost Airlines – are bringing the whole cost of flying down. I can get over to Paris for approx £40 on a low cost airline flight, whereas a train ticket from ‘up north’ to London can be double that price!
  5. Research & Innovation – With the money that’s being spent, there’ll be a percentage of that, that goes on research. And I know there’s many airline engine manufacturers who are working on making more efficient engines.

There’s more reasons, but above are the key ones.

If you did manage to see me on the box, I hope you enjoyed it…