Robotics for Kids at Legoland

Firstly, apologies I was able to blog much towards end of last week, and you may have noticed there was no Bal’s Friday Thought.

It’s because i’ve been on vacation, and then we headed over to Legoland to have a look at the new Ninjago ride…

A day out at Legoland is always fun.

We went especially to see the Ninjago ride – and when we got there, it wasn’t working 🙁

But, we walked around, went on numerous other rides and made our way back, and finally got to go on it. I must admit, it was worth the wait! – We really enjoyed it – you’re sat in a cart, which goes around, and then you have to use your arm to fire/shoot at things on various screens and the more hits you get, the more points you receive.

As we walked around, we also went to the 4D cinema they have – to watch one of the 15min short Lego Movies.

Next to the cinema, I saw this –

A Robotics workshop for kids? Try your hand at Computer Programming?

This is great! Incorporating lego, robotics and computer programming! – Imagine the fun you can have – but more so, the amount you can learn.

Obviously, learning made fun!

And I believe we need more of this. Using traditional toys & games, to really engage children in where the future is heading, which is robotics and understanding more about computer programming.

There are programmes out there that encourage children to get involved with coding, build and code your own games, which is fantastic… whilst we need more of this, incorporating traditional methods and games, might  make it easier, to remember, and maybe… easier to learn.

Because, as Whitney (not the one from Eastenders, though she might have said it also), Houston.. once said – children are the future.