Outsmarting me and you…

Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to go on BBC Radio Nottingham…

I was there to talk about my British Indian Award I won last year and also, all things Digital & Tech.

It was a great interview, Kaval (the presenter) is a good friend. Asking me some great questions – for example, what i’ve being doing with organisations & companies, what I want to do with the local community and where do I see the future of tech going.

We spoke about the cloud… mobile and a number of other great subjects.

One interesting item we touched on was Artifical Intelligence. It’s a very interesting subject because that’s one area that is really expanding… especially, as the Government has recently announced that they’ll be invested some serious money into it. And damn right. It’s been too long. We need some serious investment into our technology sector, in this country.

Where do I see AI going?

Well, we’re seeing examples of it now, in bots that answer questions for us. We’ll see more of that, but also these bots picking up on emotions and being sensitive to how words are used and sentences are constructed. On top of that, i see AI learning more and more about us. Using data from various sources, to work with us and provide us with what we want and, i suppose, in general, make life easier.

One concern is… what happens when robots and machines become more clever than us? Let’s think about this… they’re continuously learning. When something is continuously learning, they become clever. When something becomes clever, they then have the ability to outsmart others….