Tech is the way forward!

Last week, the Tech Nation 2017 Report by Tech City was released.


It provided some great insights and reading (Images have been taken from Tech City)


Now, if you haven’t had the opportunity to read it – I thoroughly recommend you search for the report, download it and have a good read. Hopefully the image above encourages you to find out more.

For me, it’s a great read – for a number of reasons.

  1. It shows the importance of ‘Digital’
    1. The digital era is well and truly here. There’s no denying it. We have to make sure we’re not only on-board but have fully adopted it.
    2. It’s only going to get bigger and bigger – look at the figures in the image above… look at the figures in the report…. £97bn from Digital Tech Industries contributed to the UK Economy… let that sink in for a moment.
    3. People are learning more and more – this shows in the average salary. My daughter who is 10 is learning how to code! She’s even coded her first game.. admittedly it’s no Angry Birds, but i’ll let her learn and give her time.
  2. IT’s not just London
    1. This was also mentioned via a tweet by Tech City. It’s true…
    2. Look at cities outside of London – Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Milton Keynes.. they’re all investing, attracting and enhancing their offerings to Tech Companies.
    3. And Tech Companies are finding London expensive.. well, when you have to pay £6 for a beer, you know it might be a good time to look elsewhere.

I’ve traveled around the World. There’s alot of cities who have their Digital Eco-system in place. And they’re known for it. But many more cities around the World are rapidly developing.

Going to be a little bias here.. but Atlanta in the USA….  Georgia Tech are assisting with the cities phenomenal growth!

Then there’s Tel Aviv in Israel. Huge.. and I mean HUGE! Start-up community.

If you, your organisation, company, establishment, family, friends, colleagues are still thinking, What is Digital? – you need to hurry up!

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