Don’t like that… or that… or that…

There’s a few things I dislike… for example, cold tea. Annoy’s the hell out of me when my tea has gone cold, and I have to get a new, hot cup of tea. Doesn’t happen often, but there have been times I’ve become side-tracked and totally forget.

Then there’s middle lane drivers on the motorway. That’s right. Those, that just sit in the middle lane, when the bottom/left lane is empty. Not only is it annoying, but it’s dangerous too.

I could carry on… but I won’t use this platform to share with you, all of my dislikes (well, for today anyway).

Instead, I could meet someone, who has the same dislikes as me… and we would get on… like a house on fire. Imagine that… reversing it… rather than finding someone with the same likes… how’s about, someone who has the same dislikes?

That’s right – Think Differently!

There’s an app, available, to bring together people who ‘hate’ the same things!

Isn’t this brilliant… riding the ‘Tinder’ wave… in bringing people together – you can be matched with someone who dislikes the same things as you!

I have to admit… I absolutely love this idea!

Why not turn something that really works and turn it upside down, on it’s head… over and under…. to see if you still get the same desired outcome.

The principle is… you want to match people. So rather than, things they like… why not, things they don’t like?!

And let’s be honest…Tinder has been a huge success

… with their swipe mechanism… swiping those whom you like.

So this app… understands the things you hate. Understands what others hate. Shares haters to each other… and if you like the look of someone with the same dislikes… you swipe!

Imagine starting the conversation… I hate middle lane drivers… Me too!!!

There were a few reasons I wanted to share this with you…. It’s not so much about the app, but it’s the idea behind the app.

  1. Think Differently – yes, famously used by the founder of Apple during his time, but indeed – look at something in a different light… turn it upside down… inverse, reverse, opposite… you get the idea… and see if the desired result is the same.
  2. Understand what’s working – If there is something that’s shown to be a huge success… don’t fear of using it’s basic principles. For example, Tinder… the swiping & matching mechanism.

Understand + Think Different = Success

2 thoughts on “Don’t like that… or that… or that…”

  1. Not sure I share the same enthusiasm, hate is a strong word and if you met up with people who ‘hated’ the same thing, is that really positive.
    What’s happens if those in your circle begin to ‘like’ the things you all once hated? Do you drop them from your virtual group? Sticky situation.
    But it goes to show there’s an app for almost everything. Toilet paper, not yet.

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