Mental Health Awareness…

This week, I’m fortunate enough to have another guest, share their thoughts on my blog.

Today – I have the Model and Actor, Arun…

…who reached out to me via Twitter, where we had conversations about Technology and Mental Health… and when I say technology… two things, one the speed of advancement in tech and secondly social media.

We know, from the blog post on Friday, there’s a huge impact on mental health from social media…. but what do you do, when someone’s state of mind is not where it should be…

Arun, shared his thoughts…

It is not easy to recognise someone’s problems, as it is can easily be confused with someone’s personality and mannerisms.

One way to take note is look at the person, notice everything they are doing, almost either completely out of character or they are behaving as if they are confused within their own words and actions. You may find someone is more panicky, angry, or generally over emotional within every reaction. 

Most people who are going through mental health problems tend to feel very lonely within themselves, and their surroundings. It is a slow process, but every small thing matters. Don’t make the person feel as if they are a charity case, and you are simply doing them a favour. Make them feel important, and that you are being genuine, because their inner feelings are something very sacred to them, and they are breaking all barriers to reveal their true self at that moment. 

Each person is different bare in mind, some want some to listen as they rant and cry, some may just want to try different activities to help stimulate their minds and body, some may just not want to talk and want to find different methods of help. Support the person in a way which is suitable to them, do not force anybody to do anything they don’t fully feel entirely comfortable with. 

Speak of your own experiences with them, maybe go to a quiet place or somewhere they feel they can be themselves, away from any potential emotional triggers that could spur their thinking process. Allow them to be them, and listen, don’t badger them with advice over and over. Allow them to breath, and eventually open up. 

In order to get others to speak up, tell your story. It might be hard for you, but it can lead to a domino effect. As more and more people open to speak up, more will find courage and strength to be free. Don’t let anger dominate, don’t let these negative emotions take over, be reassuring and positive. 

It is not easy, but each stepping stone will lead to end of the road you dream of reaching. 

Firstly, really appreciate Arun sharing his thoughts, and secondly, if you’d like to talk more about mental health, feel free to reach out to Arun via Twitter on @ArunKapur47