Future of Shopping discussed on BBC Radio Nottingham

Recently, Sainsbury’s shared that they are testing an app to enable a checkout-free shopping experience.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… another app I have to download… well… yes, it is another app you have to download, but this time, this app, you can use to scan your shopping as you walking around the store (similar to those handheld devices you can pick up in store) and then at the end of your shop, you simply go to a dedicated check-out and pay.

But hold on – you said checkout-free…

Yes, I sure did – and similar to the Amazon Go store, they’re also trialing in London, at their Euston branch an app where if you walk in and pick up the £3 ‘On the Go’ meal deal, you can scan the items on your phone, pay on your phone and then leave the store.

Hopes are… that they increase the number of items and stores, where you can have the checkout-less experience.

And this will, soon, become the norm… as I shared on BBC Radio Nottingham yesterday morning.

Feel free to listen via the link below – you can listen to Mark’s whole show, or you can fast forward to about 13:30, to listen to me… (it’s via the BBC and you may have to log in and register if you’ve not already signed up – which takes the best part of 2 minutes).