What car you got?… A Dyson.

That’s right… you’re in a swanky bar in Central London, sipping on your over-priced Gin, and the question comes from your colleague… “So, I hear you have a new car.. What car you got?”…. the reply, “A Dyson”.

It’s going to happen.

The company that found an innovative way to vacuum your house, are.. or should I say, have… been working on an electric vehicle.

They’re aiming to launch them in 2020. And you know what, that’s only around the corner! On top of this, they’re investing over £2bn…

They’re aiming for the top end of the market – It won’t be cheap. On top of this, it’ll be ‘radically different’.

And for it to be a success, it has to be, right?

Let’s be honest, you have every motor company working on and releasing electric vehicles. BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, etc…

Then you got the new boys in town, such as Tesla.

And why not open that market up. Gone are the days, where the industry was dominated by Ford and General Motors.

And i’d expect, anything that the brand, ‘ Dyson’ works on.. has to be radically different. They’ve set the bar… for example, the vacuum.. then the hair dryer, and many other items they’ve released, they’ve all been radically different. And with the radical thinking and design, their car is being kept under top secret conditions. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

I’m expecting more and more players (companies) to enter the fierce competition within the electric car market. There will be some top players… (aiming at the top end of the market), There’ll be the mid-market (maybe the existing manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen) and then the lower end… for which, I’m not sure who’ll be operating in this space.

Because it’s not cheap. To develop an electric car can’t be cheap.

But then, it comes to customer requirements. If you’re going to go to the shops and back, maybe into town and minimum driving, why couldn’t one of those electric disability scooters be adapted for the needs of some people?

You’re probably thinking.. this isn’t going to work.

Why not? – add another seat (make it a 2 seater). Put a roll cage around it. Up the battery. Maybe get a steering wheel, and some different wheel options… and before you know it, you got yourself a 2-seater electric sports vehicle!

It’s all about thinking differently.

Which brings me back to Mr Dyson, and his announcement. Which you can read in full below…

One thought on “What car you got?… A Dyson.”

  1. Personally I don’t think electric is the way forward. They are as environmentally friendly as everyone thinks. Think about it, what makes electricity? When the car is End of Life or the battery needs changing, where does that go?
    What happened to the investment into hydro-powdered cars? Wasn’t Toyota working on them? the only waste is water and that is environmentally sound?

    Dyson are forefront of innovation and I can see the car being amazing. The vacuum, the hairdryer, the fans…they are great pieces of engineering. will be interesting to see their cars.

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