Old to new… it’s electrifying!

For those who follow me on instagram (@mrbalbansal) you may have noticed in my one of my stories earlier this week, I posted an image of my car.. which was plugged in.

That’s right… battery was low, I had an opportunity to plug it in… so I did.

Got me thinking… we’re going to need some more of these charging points at work. At home. At… well, everywhere.

And whilst we’re talking about needing more charging points in the UK… Jaguar made the announcement they will stop production of petrol or diesel only cars.

That’s right – from 2020… all Jaguar cars will be electrified. Either hybrid or all electric models will be available.

Right now… Jaguar don’t produce any electric cars. This will be a big step for them. They’ve shared concept cars and ideas, but are well behind the likes of Tesla.. BMW… and other car manufacturers in terms of development and knowledge.

Not saying they can’t do it. They sure can… they have the know how, the expertise, willpower and more importantly.. the objectives (which have now been set) to do it.

How do I know they can do it?

It’s simple… they’ve done it. Just got to scale it.

How have they done it?

Well… they’ve taken a classic… and electrified it.

How can you electrify a classic?

Easy… you take a classic model and then redesign it for the future.

What a great idea – whilst this will help the brand.. and sell a few cars, we need to think on a larger scale.

Mass production – as Mr Henry Ford brought to us, from the traditional craft production, is what helped the motor car to be owned by more people. Build and stock them high… sell them low…

Thankfully, the Japanese taught us about inventory and stock control… therefore we now are able to have more varieties… of what we want (not just a stock car from the inventory list of a dealer) and most importantly.. keeping the cost down.

So whilst i’m confident that Jaguar can actually do this… like most, i’m guessing, there are a few concerns which i’ve discussed previously about charging stations/points… and let’s be honest, 2020 is not that far away.

Including this year – that’s 3 X-Factor winners! – and just to think… Little Mix were crowned winners in 2011!!

I’m hoping the winner in 2017 has the same luck and progression as Little Mix.. and i’m hoping Jaguar can achieve their goals… espeically, if they’re experimenting and building cars like this…


4 thoughts on “Old to new… it’s electrifying!”

  1. I can see Jag doing this.

    And I agree, if cars are full electric (lets ignore hybrids for a minute as that is cheating) then they need to be able to go long distance. there needs to be charge points at every petrol station, and possibly every hardshoulder in emergency. There was even charging plates in carparks (think that died a death)

    However the car companies are being left with little choice. France have announced by 2040 they will BAN petrol and diesel cars. that’s a huge statement. They also state to “make France carbon neutral by 2050.” This means no coal or oil.

    However, the electric car is not env friendly as everyone thinks. The batteries are not disposable. so ELV (End of Life Vehicle) means this goes to a scrap yard and cannot degrade.
    What happened to hydrogen cars (using water) that emissions is simply O2? surely that is the way forward?

    1. Great points Aaron!

      Especially around the disposal of batteries. Apparently, most car batteries (the electric/hybrid) need them changing at 60,000miles apparently, which is similar to a cambelt. Now with a cambelt, you could throw that away.. with a battery, it’s not so easy.

      Like you, I think there needs to be more thought going into this…Not sure about the hydrogen cars. Maybe too risky from a Health and Safety point of view?

  2. Very interesting points here. I see a very successful future for electric cars when two things happen:
    1. Car batteries become quick charging rather than long-use charging. If I get (let’s say) 100km per charge but it only only takes me roughly the same time to charge my battery as it does to fill up with petrol, then we are set.
    2. We have the infrastructure in places for rapid charges. To support a nation, or a world of electric cars, charging stations have to be a prevalent and as accessible as petrol stations.

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