Samosa Social Media

Do you sometimes feel, there’s quite a few social media platforms out there and more and more are popping up all the time?

The other day, I was trying to explain to a local business owner why they should be all over social media.

They’ve got the usual Facebook page, which they update, as and when they get time.

I suggested, have they looked at taking photo’s and posting them to Instagram?

Also suggested, perhaps making a few short videos, and posting them onto a YouTube channel.

Maybe engage with some younger folk, via Snapchat.

The response – if i’m doing all this, who’s going to do the work?!

Absolutely right! – who is going to do the work.

Well, there’s a few options.

  1. Understand the Social Media Channels that work for you.
    1. Not all will be as effective.
    2. There’ll be some key ones that’ll really work for you
    3. Some may not be worth exploring
    4. Those that work – schedule 15-20 mins a day, to share engaging content
  2. Good Quality Content
    1. People will only watch, listen or read if it’s engaging.
    2. Videos and Photo’s always work well.
    3. Understand what it is you sell (service, products, etc..) and tailor the content accordingly.

Not everyone needs to be on Snapchat. Not everyone needs to be Periscoping.

But there are a few more platforms you should be on, than the usual Facebook page you have.

Not sure how they all work?

Well, I found this great picture describing Social Media with a Samosa! (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a Samosa!) – it’s very much tailored for an individual, but you can learn from it and apply it to a small/medium size business.

samosa social media