Is Innovation a ‘Buzzword’?

Recently, i’ve been seeing the word ‘Innovation’ randomly appear in people’s job title. 

At first I thought, that’s great – they’re innovating. When asking them for details, it’s more about they are looking at some new ‘things’. 

Asking them what process they are using, and they’re not sure. 

This then made me think, is the word ‘innovation’ a buzzword, that’s appearing everywhere – and attracts interest from a wide audience. It must be right? The more the word is used, along with other key words, will definitely attract interest. 

Aren’t we all looking for innovators? 

Aren’t we all looking for the next Steve Jobs?

Aren’t we all looking for the next Facebook?

So the word, Innovative/Innovation/Innovator etc… are being used more and more. Rightly or wrongly, they’ll definitely get the attention of people. 

 Moving on from people using it, I recently saw it being used for a renowned Indian singer artist’s tour name. Why it’s innovative, i’d love to know. 

I can understand shows like the below being called it.. 

By the way, i’m not promoting the above… it’s just an example, which i understand. 

Then there’s companies who are innovative… who have proven to be innovative, and have the right to use the word… 

Well… i’m sure we’ll be seeing more of the word in examples where we may have thought it couldn’t be used. 

Maybe, that’s innovation in itself.