What will you be talking about Bal?

That’s a great question!

Well, in the description… it’s all about Digital, Customers, Listening, etc.. So, i’ll be talking about Customers and are we listening to them.

I don’t like to use the word ‘digital’ that much. I feel, everything is digital.

We don’t pick up the camera now, and say.. i’m going to use the ‘digital camera’. Because the majority of cameras are digital and not the old 35mm film, we just take it for granted.

And in this day and age we live in, everything is fast becoming digital. I suppose, digital could be broken down. We are now becoming more ‘e’. For example, e-commerce. We’re now more ‘online’, for example online services. We’re now becoming more connected. which then leads onto the Internet of Things – the connected world we live in.

I spoke a few months ago, at the IoT Conference in London.


Yep, that’s me – representing Coca-Cola.

I spoke about how the IoT (Internet of Things) is connecting everyone and what the future holds for IoT. It will only become more advanced and more integrated with our normal day to day lives. We won’t even know we are ‘connected’. Just that things will happen and it’ll be like.. oh, okay… that’s good. For example, your washing machine being connected to your phone, which is connected to your calendar and diary, and knows what time you will be home, so can have the washing all done and ready to take out when you come home.